Gateway Wheelers Cycling Sessions


Our current cycling sessions are on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 10am and 11am in Houghton Rectory Park. During school holidays we do dedicate the 10am session for our Kids Club.

As we are a small team of staff and volunteers, please check our Ride Dates section below for our current timetable.

How to book a cycling session

The quickest and easiest way is to book your session, is to use our new online booking service. 

Instructions are below, (however if this is not an option for you, please contact us).

1). A new yearly membership form must be completed for each person wanting to cycle. An electronic version can be found in the form section below.

2). Once your membership form has been completed, you will receive your Gateway Wheeler membership number. This is needed when booking a session. (this can take 72 hours to receive).

3). All our bikes have now been photographed and numbered, These can be viewed in the Our Bikes section. Before making your booking, make a note of the type and number of the bike/s you would like to use.


4). To book your cycling session click on the Book a Ride section and fill in the booking form.

5). That it all done. Just turn up to your allocation booking and have fun.

Please note:- Due to the financial pressure on Gateway Wheelers caused by Covid 19, we have had to take the hard decision and reinstate our yearly membership fee of £5 individual or £10 family and a £5 per bike, per session fee. As you can imagine this was a very hard decision to make, however it is needed to help Gateway Wheelers with the financial running of the charity.