Cycling Without Barriers

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Thanks to Sports England's Together Fund for making our weekday  bike hire FREE*.

Our current cycling sessions are ran by a small team of staff and volunteers at Houghton Rectory Park Playing Field on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday

For our weekend Houghton and Darlington rides, these operate on a donation basis.

Please check the timetable below.



How to book a cycling session

To be able to participant in any of our cycle sessions you must become a Gateway Wheelers Member.

*Individual yearly membership fee is £5 or Family £10


Once your membership form has been completed you will receive a Gateway Wheeler membership number (this is needed when booking a session and can take 72 hours to receive). If you would preferer a paper version, please contact us to arrange this.

Click here for:-





All our bikes have now been photographed and numbered, before making your booking, make a note of the type and number of the bike/s you would like to use. 



These can be viewed here OUR BIKE SECTION


To book your cycling session click here BOOK A BIKE  

That it all done. Just turn up to your allocation booking and have fun.




Monday       1st - 10am

                   1st - 11am

                   1st - 1.30pm


Wednesday 3rd - 10am FULLY BOOKED

                   3rd - 11am

                   3rd - 1.30pm


Friday         5th - 10am

                   5th - 11am

                   5th - 1.30pm

Sunday        7th- HOUGHTON - 1pm - 3pm

                   Drop in session, No need to book


Monday        8th - 10am

                   8th - 11am

                    8th - 1.30pm


Wednesday 10th - 10am FULLY BOOKED

                   10th - 11am

                   10th - 1.30pm


Friday         12th - 10am - FULLY BOOKED

                   12th - 11am - FULLY BOOKED

                   12th - 1.30pm - FULLY BOOKED


Monday       15th - 10am

                   15th - 11am

                   15th - 1.30pm

Wednesday 17th - 10am FULLY BOOKED

                   17th - 11am

                   17th - 1.30pm         


Friday         19th - 10am

                   19th - 11am

                   19th - 1.30pm

Sunday        21st - DARLINGTON - 1pm-3pm

                   Drop in session, No need to book


                   22th - CLOSED

                   24th - CLOSED

                   26th - CLOSED

                   29th - CLOSED

Wednesday 31st - 10am FULLY BOOKED

                   31st - 11am

                   31st - 1.30pm



Friday          2nd - 10am 

                    2nd - 11am FULLY BOOKED

                    2nd - 1.30pm FULLY BOOKED

Monday        5th - 10am

                    5th - 11am

                    5th - 1.30pm

Wednesday  7th - 10am FULLY BOOKED

                    7th - 11am

                    7th - 1.30pm


Friday          9th - 10am

                    9th - 11am

                    9th - 1.30pm   


Monday        12th - 10am

                    12th - 11am

                    12th - 1.30pm

Wednesday  14th - 10am FULLY BOOKED

                    14th - 11am

                    14th - 1.30pm


Friday          16th - 10am

                    16th - 11am

                    16th - 1.30pm 

Monday        19th - 10am

                    19th - 11am

                    19th - 1.30pm

Wednesday  21th - 10am FULLY BOOKED

                    21th - 11am

                    21th - 1.30pm


Friday          23th - 10am

                    23th - 11am

                    23th - 1.30pm   


Monday        26th - 10am

                    26th - 11am

                    26th - 1.30pm

Wednesday  28th - 10am FULLY BOOKED

                    28th - 11am

                    28th - 1.30pm


Friday          30th - 10am

                    30th - 11am

                    30th - 1.30pm