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Thanks for booking!

It’s been a long time, but welcome back to Gateway Wheelers.  

What to expect

  24 hours before your session please make sure: -  

  • You have emailed back to us your Cycling Group COVID 19 Screening Questionnaire. You will find this here.... COVID SCREENING  


  • If you can not make the session, please amend or cancel your booking via the links amend/cancel links on your confirmation email.  This will allow another group to take your place. 




On the day

  • Please arrive at the main shutter area of The Barn 5 minutes before your pre-booking cycling session starts. Where possible we ask you to wear a mask in this area. 


  • Here you will find the Gateway Wheelers team ready to welcome you back and to run through our COVID-19 Cycling Safer Plan.  


  • Once your group have their bikes, you will be asked to follow behind a member of the Gateway Wheelers team to the track.  Once at the track if you wish, you can remove your mask. 


  • 5 minutes before your session is due to finish a member of the Gateway Wheelers team will return to the track and you will then need to follow them back to the Barn. We ask that where possible you put you mask back on. 

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