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Volunteering for Gateway Wheelers at Chester- Le - St Athletics track

Gatway Wheelers as I was told by the group leaders has been going for 21 years from Monday to Friday taken charge of the bikes, taking them out the shed to the track, and bringing them back when we have fininished morning and afternoon riding, since Ive been their for 7 years the start times has been 10:40am to 12:00pm mornings and 13:40pm to 16:00pm aftertoon, and extra days once a month on a Sunday 13:00pm in the afternoon.

Sarah and Ian make me very welcome each day I turn up to Volunteer, I like to open the doors to the shed before getting the bikes out, and then taking them arround to the track, and then we wait or have a ride before they arrive.

Disabled groups from Mencap Oganisations arround County Durham and Special Schools where students are much younger.

When they finnish riding we take the bikes back to the shed, and lift the bikes inside, and making show were everything is in order, and then lock the doors key and padlock.

We do make sure the bikes are safe to ride, and check any mechanical failures, we have tools and bike pumps, for example a flat tyre or anything needs fixing.

Darlington has also an atheletics track for Gateway Wheelers, the Volunteers based in Chester- Le - St, once a month go up to volunteer and have a ride on the bikes, weekends on Sundays.



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