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The 10km City ride in Newcastle

The 10km City ride in Newcastle

29th of June on a Friday night members of Gateway Wheelers met at the Cycle Hub at City road near the Riverside, also families represented Wheelers.

Before we set off there were presentations and group photos in the new Gateway tee-shirts, and then about 6pm we headed to the starting point.

When we got there it was packed with cyclists all ages, Jordan, Ian, Brian, Dan and Paul kept an eye on us that I got round safely around the course.

There was a on course disc-jockey given the instructions what everybody had to do in case of accidents or injuries. Split into groups, and gently ride away when he gives you word to go.

When it was our turn to go, we rode up towards the riverside the Tyne passed the restaurants, the coffee bars and the pubs where the nightlife was just beginning full of people, so we had to take a bit of care.

We continued along the straight pathway along the riverside by-passing the Swing bridge, underneath the rest of the Five bridges.

Left the Riverside climbed up towards Scotswood Road, there were marshals directing us where we had to go, by staying on the side of the road, and places to cross, and also cross country route up and downhill.

Then we left the By-pass rode into Gateshead West to make our way back to the Riverside, and again a person pointing directions of the routes where we had to go, along the Urban road, and cut off cross country points, till we came back to the riverside.

We left the Urban road to go back down the riverside, and then continued riding towards the finish, riding on the pathway on the other-side of the river.

Continued along the pathway till we reached the Millennium foot-bridge, then we turned left to cross over the bridge, and cycled towards the finish.

When we got to the finish everybody was queuing up for the prizes and souvenirs, so when we completed the ride we all queued up for the goodies, and after that we all went home.

Riding along the River Tyne towards the six bridges

At the Starting point



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