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The Day Trip to Flamingo Land

F1 Race

On Sunday 14th of October, Volunteers of Gateway, and Family guest went on a day trip to Flamingo Land in North Yorkshire, coach departed after 7.00am at Bullion Hall Chester –Le- St, and then a short journey up the A1M before picking up more passengers at Wynyard Business Park near Durham, then we continued on to join the A19 up to Middlesbrough to Guisborough, then climbed up the North Yorkshire moors beyond Whitby on to Pickering, it took about two hours and an half the journey, arrived at Flamingo Land at 9.35am, waited on the coach because of the heavy rain for the place to open, about 10.00am we got off the coach when the Fairground and Wild-life park opened.

I was in a group with Jordan, Ian, his nephew Richard in the morning. First we had a go on the Car racing circuit, by guiding the car around the track, I was sitting in a car by myself.

Then we had a go on the motorbike style rollercoaster called the Velocity, about a three minute ride, you given the instructions for the safety like the way you sit on the seat , the way you place your legs and feet, how you rest on it, and fasten the seatbelt and hold on to the bar, the bike starts to move.

When it started to move it went around a loop or corner, not too fast for the warm up, stopped for about 60 sec or more, and then it restarted by the noise of a racing motorbike, and then it set off up and down the track, and side to side very fast.

The next ride I had a go on was the Voodoo Pirates ship. Ian went on with us, we took our places, fastened the seatbelt attached to the seat, hold on to the safety bars, and again trial run to start with, before it lifted up and down very high.

The third ride I had a go on was the big tower ride called the Cliffhanger, Jordan and Richard was on with us, we were securely fitted in with the seatbelt, locked in with the safety bars, and then it started move on its trial run gently upwards, then it stopped for a few minutes, and then it speeded up and down.

I was very brave to on these rides, because they are very scary

After that we had a ride on the chairlift, to the over side of the park, where the wildlife is situated, we got off it, and then we walked back to the Cafe and shop area for lunch, met up with Paul and Anna. I went to fish and chip, and ordered fishcake and chip with a 7up (lemonade), waited 8mins to be ready.

After lunch we walked to over-side of the park again, we all had a ride on the Halloween ghost train, it didn’t take long, following that I was in the driver’s seat again with Jordan the old car track, much steadier ride.

Then we had a look at the underwater sea-life creatures in the aquarium, and then walked back to the shop and cafe area, before heading back to the coach for the journey home.

Jordan, me and Richard on the Cliffhanger

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